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Halloween 2017 Pokemon Go Trainer by totochan93 Halloween 2017 Pokemon Go Trainer :icontotochan93:totochan93 2 1 Dango Elise by totochan93 Dango Elise :icontotochan93:totochan93 6 10 Dango Jennifer and England by totochan93 Dango Jennifer and England :icontotochan93:totochan93 6 3 Dango Jennifer: Closer Look by totochan93 Dango Jennifer: Closer Look :icontotochan93:totochan93 4 0 Dango Jennifer by totochan93 Dango Jennifer :icontotochan93:totochan93 4 2 Dango Steven by totochan93 Dango Steven :icontotochan93:totochan93 5 3 Maze for Final Project (So Far) by totochan93 Maze for Final Project (So Far) :icontotochan93:totochan93 2 0 Italy sketch by totochan93 Italy sketch :icontotochan93:totochan93 7 0 Chibitalia x HRE sketch by totochan93 Chibitalia x HRE sketch :icontotochan93:totochan93 4 1
Dreamtalia - Ten Little Dreamers
Ten little dreamers entered a world of dreams devine. One dozed off and then there were nine.
Nine little dreamers wanted to ice skate. One fell through the ice and then there were eight.
Eight little dreamers played in fairy heaven. One stayed in the mushroom circle and then there were seven.
Seven little dreamers wandered through a factory of Oreos, sweets and candy sticks. One stayed to eat away and then there were six.
Six little dreamers, watch Dreamtalia come alive. One logs off and then there were five.
Five little dreamers, want to see more. One didn't like spoilers so then there were four.
Four little dreamers under a giant tree. One fell into the lake and then there were three.
Three little dreamers unsure of what to do. One followed Reeve and then there were two.
Two little dreamers caught in so much fun. One chased a butterfly and then there was one.
One little dreamer left all alone, stuck in the darkness and then there were none
:icontotochan93:totochan93 36 14
Dango Skander (nightshade-keyblade) by totochan93 Dango Skander (nightshade-keyblade) :icontotochan93:totochan93 3 3 Dango Greiga by totochan93 Dango Greiga :icontotochan93:totochan93 4 0 Dango Noelle (Namine1245) by totochan93 Dango Noelle (Namine1245) :icontotochan93:totochan93 4 3 Dr. Seuss Sneetch sketch by totochan93 Dr. Seuss Sneetch sketch :icontotochan93:totochan93 1 7 James Arnold Taylor autograph by totochan93 James Arnold Taylor autograph :icontotochan93:totochan93 2 10 Fluttershy Cutie Mark by totochan93 Fluttershy Cutie Mark :icontotochan93:totochan93 2 0


When your friend makes a mistake...
When your friend makes a mistake,
but tries to right the wrong,
you don't tell them they're nothing,
and spitefully move along.
When your friend makes a mistake
and has owned up to it,
you don't tell them that they're worthless.
You don't tell them that they're shit.
Think about your own self.
Are you perfect in any way?
The answer is no. You're not.
You make mistakes every day.
You've no right to judge
what only your eyes detect.
Just 'cause they made a mistake,
it doesn't mean they're derelict.
When your friend makes a mistake
and takes responsibility,
and has learned and yearns to be better,
you need to support them...
...because you're family.
:iconipku:Ipku 83 15
The Aerith's gift by CJ-DB The Aerith's gift :iconcj-db:CJ-DB 35 20 Magical girl Chase  by Chaseisthefire Magical girl Chase :iconchaseisthefire:Chaseisthefire 11 6 Hetalia Islands [D.1,5] by 95Jezzica Hetalia Islands [D.1,5] :icon95jezzica:95Jezzica 40 73 Sonic Mania's opening in 1 minute by Rogerregorroger Sonic Mania's opening in 1 minute :iconrogerregorroger:Rogerregorroger 44 14 Part Of You - Part 58 by SorasPrincesss Part Of You - Part 58 :iconsorasprincesss:SorasPrincesss 83 52 Happy Birthday Jay! by Miyucorn Happy Birthday Jay! :iconmiyucorn:Miyucorn 6 15
Shackled Wings (Persona 5: Chapter 5)
I could get used to eating curry every morning. It was no fluffy omelet, but Sakura-san’s curry was definitely not a bad start for a cloudy day on our first day of school. The spices danced on my tongue and I couldn’t resist scooping up another spoonful before finishing what was already in my mouth. If Big Brother’s wide eyes and slight grin were anything to go by, he must have felt the same. The curry was so good that I almost forgot to feel offended by Sakura-san’s surprise at my brother actually going to school. Almost.
“It’s time for you to go,” Sakura-san said as he began clearing the dishes.
“That was delicious,” Big Brother commented with a smile.
“Thank you for the meal,” I added with a slight bow.
A ghost of a smile appeared on Sakura-san’s face as he shooed us out the door before he warned us again about not getting lost.
“Oh, flip the sign outside to OPEN for me, either one of you,” Sakura-sa
:iconkhgirl1530:khgirl1530 1 0
Shackled Wings (Persona 5: Chapter 4)
Personally, I would rather not dwell on our visit to Shujin. The morning after we arrived, Sakura-san drove us to the school, although he told us that it was only going to be a one-time thing and we’ll have to start taking the subways from tomorrow onwards. To be fair, he does have a business to run and possibly many other things he needed to take care of. But his attitude towards Big Brother hadn’t thawed out overnight. When we reached the school gate, he turned to my brother and me and made sure he had our attention.
“Do me a favor and behave yourselves, all right?” Sakura-san gave Big Brother a pointed glare. “Don’t get me wrong – I don’t care what happens to you. Just don’t cause me or your sister any trouble. She went through a lot of trouble to come here with you, so don’t screw it up.” He then turned to me and his expression softened, but his frown didn’t leave. “And do your best to get along with the
:iconkhgirl1530:khgirl1530 1 0
Shackled Wings (Persona 5: Chapter 3)
Even with Big Brother's app guiding us, it still felt like we were rats running around in a maze. At least two times, we almost missed our subway stops because we made a wrong turn or we had been shoved around by the masses because, apparently by their nonchalant behavior, that was the norm. It wasn’t like the country didn’t have traffic jams, but this was on a different level. The air we breathed in felt slightly dirtier, there were too many people pressed against me in the subway train, and if I hadn’t been holding onto Big Brother's hand I would have been swept away with the crowd.
But I had to bite my tongue and shut up the part of me that wanted to do nothing but complain. It was my decision to come here and if I had to put up with losing some of my public personal space to support and protect my brother, then I’d do it. I’ll need to make a mental note to grab a spare hair tie, wrap it around my wrist, and snap it whenever I find myself whining. That
:iconkhgirl1530:khgirl1530 1 0
Shackled Wings (Persona 5: Chapter 2)
It was a bad idea to split up. My gut kept telling me that I needed to run after Joker and help him secure the Treasure. Of course, he was far from incapable of accomplishing his task and it gave us the advantage of making a clean escape. Still…something wasn’t right. Where did that crackling voice come from? Almost like…someone talking on a radio?
Watching Joker dance through the sky though, like an acrobat with grace and style to spare, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sisterly pride rise within me. That’s my brother. My hero. The Joker who could lead us to certain victory as the trump card he was. Not once did he ever fail us in a mission whether it was for a large target or for those of the common people. He had won the trust of our teammates and striven forward in the world, even when everyone else turned their back on him. Even when the former believers of the Phantom Thieves discarded us at their convenience.
Joker fought his enemies wit
:iconkhgirl1530:khgirl1530 2 0
Shackled Wings (Persona 5: Chapter 1)
A white knight dressed in black and a dark knight dressed in white. Who is the real hero of this story? Is there even a hero? Or are we all a part of a fool’s game, being lead around by a cruel puppeteer? It shouldn’t have come to this, my brother pointing a dagger at him while he aims his silencer at my brother. Why did our fate have to lead us to this? A breaking point we could see no way out of. Could this have been averted? Was one decision all it took to bring us here? Or did the little missteps we took add up and made us unable to look away?
What could I have done to prevent this?
To imagine that this all began because my brother had the kind of heart that couldn’t run away from someone who needed his help, even if it was a stranger. All he wanted to do that night was protect a woman from some belligerent drunkard before he forced her into his car so he could do who knew what to her. My brother should have been hailed as a hero that night. That man should have b
:iconkhgirl1530:khgirl1530 3 0
I'm a Princess by KyoKyo866 I'm a Princess :iconkyokyo866:KyoKyo866 44 5
Magical girls
I did say I would make something if you told me your magical power XD 
Power of procrastination? XD

Power over thunder and lightning ~

Power over time~ 

Power over flames

Power of flight and healing (I remade it for you ^^)

Power over wind~ 

And moi
Power over illusions 
:iconchaseisthefire:Chaseisthefire 10 33
World Is Mine[MMD Contest Entry] by EddieVeneziano World Is Mine[MMD Contest Entry] :iconeddieveneziano:EddieVeneziano 7 11 Under-Upper AU: Ch6 Page 12 by MichPajamaArtist Under-Upper AU: Ch6 Page 12 :iconmichpajamaartist:MichPajamaArtist 564 336



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Artist | Varied
United States
ID image created by my dear friend :iconelisethelamby: :3

I'm a strong, kind-heart, and crazy girl who is a HUGE fan of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, CLAMP, and many animes/mangas. I'm not afraid to express my opinion about anything.

Type of art: writing fan fictions

Favourite genre of music: Everything except rap
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Conch
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse :3


Halloween 2017 Pokemon Go Trainer
Happy Halloween, everyone! :D

This year, my mom and I worked on my Pokemon Go outfit. I plan to wear this when I go out with my sis to play the game. XD

I hope you all have a spooky fun and safe Halloween. :3
*dives into candy bowl* XD
Highly doubt anyone will answer this......

Am I a good friend or just a waste?
Final part of Nancy Drew Silent Spy is finally here. Hope you enjoy
Parts 5 and 6 of Nancy Drew Silent Spy are now up on my YouTube channel. Leaving on a cliff hanger....
I'm sorry/not sorry XD
Part 5

Part 6…

A friend showed me this here on DA and I want to spread the word. If you could please post this journal to help show others to be aware and help stop this sick and twisted challenge, that would be great!

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