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Finally posted my trip to France video on YouTube. Remember this was all based on experience so it is my opinion. You don't have to take it literally. Otherwise enjoy. :D

Video Link: [link]
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It is already in the works of my next vacation next year. Once again, for almost all of June I will be traveling with my family to.......

Now I know I gave a lot of talk about how tiring it was and how I was just ready to be done and take a flight back home halfway through the trip due to fights and issues. But this was a new experience and all in all it was fun to be someplace new. However, this time we are not staying in one country. No no no no no. We are going in total to SIX countries (actually five because one of them is just a stop from our trip and where our flight from America lands) These countries are Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria and Northern Italy. Ireland is just where our flight lands and then we take the train into UK. I will be in UK on my birthday so maybe I can see a showing of Phantom of the Opera from where it originally came from! :D We will stop in France (via chunnel and I'm stoked about that!) and go to Disneyland once more before our annual passes expire on June 11th (I WILL FINALLY GET TO RIDE SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!! Ebil Laugh ) Then the rest of our trip will be visiting hot spots (especially Venice, Italy) then we will return home. Gone for almost a full month again?! How will I manage? Especially since I will be away from my :iconnogodofmine: since we are now living in the same state :(

Now this trip has given me an idea. I was thinking before I leave, I could start a Let's Play series that relates to my trip. If you don't know, there are computer games based off the popular Nancy Drew book series and there are some games that take place in the locations I'm going to. Of course these games are in a series order however I don't mind breaking out of order. Nothing dramatic or any events in these selected games will have spoilers or events that relate to previous games in the series. I do plan to go back and play every single Nancy Drew Game released (there are currently a total of 31) once I'm done with this selected list and I will be playing about seven that relate to this trip or past trips.
The games will be:
Curse of Blackmoor Manor-takes place in United Kingdom/England
Danger by Design-takes place in France
The White Wolf of Icicle Creek-takes place in Canada (was in Canada on my last trip via flight connections)
The Phantom of Venice-takes place in (obviously if you know your cities and countries) Italy
The Haunting of Castle Malloy-takes place in Ireland
The Captive Curse-takes place in Germany
I might play the one that takes place in Scotland (The Silent Spy) but that is up for debate since I won't be in Scotland.

I plan to start this let's play over Christmas break since I will have no classes to worry about. I might also have my sister or my bf :iconnogodofmine: or even my friend :iconkhgirl153: play along with me. But that is up to you.

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments :)
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I'm curious....
What do you guys think of the new Logo for DA?
I want to hear from you before I put in my two cents.
LOL I've been stressing out over two projects for Video and Audio class. I really wanted to have a great project to present and worked so hard on them. My audio project I had to restart twice due to either not liking what I made or just because it was going to be too difficult. My boyfriend :iconnogodofmine: provided vocals and beat box to the song. I just had to edit it as that was the project: make a two minute song with your editing skills. :iconnogodofmine: wanted to make a rap about the Dangos from Clannad and so this was a perfect opportunity. If you like, I will post it on YouTube.

My other project was to make a five minute video over whatever you want as long as you added keyframes, effects and mix of audio. So I decided it's about time I got on with my review of my trip to France. So I made a demo of what to expect from me from what I have now. I may go on hiatus again because this was literally a bother/stress point with my life. XP There are times where I love or hate Premiere Pro XD But I had to use the software. I will post the video on YouTube next week once I get it graded from my professor. I will post a link in this journal then so keep an eye out next Tuesday. :)
I especially need to thank these people with helping me make this video:
:iconnogodofmine: for being my support and helping me keep my cool when I wanted to chuck Premiere Pro and my project out the window XD :heart: :heart:
:iconluxiotheechidna: and :icondevildukitzu: Get a huge amount of my thanks for animating a segment in my video. I'm sorry for the stress I put you under. Thank you so much you guys!! :3

Now all that is left is to write an outline for my Final essay in Intro to Lit and study for my test Final in Japanese 2. Wish me luck :3 :wave:
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Finally posted my trip to France video on YouTube. Remember this was all based on experience so it is my opinion. You don't have to take it literally. Otherwise enjoy. :D

Video Link: [link]
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